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KLAHAITE Electronic Insect Zapper

Question 1. What kind of bugs are attracted to this Bug Zappers?
Answer: The UV Light in the K15 ZAP PRO bug zapper attracts fruit flies, gnats, moths, and mosquitoes.

Question 2. How long is the power cord for the Insect Zapper?
Answer: The power cord is 43 inches length.

Question 3. can the light bulb be replace?
Answer: Yes, the bulb is replaceable, you could purchase the replacement bulb from KLAHAITE too.

Question 4. Is this UV bulb that gives bluish light or is it white/yellow?
Answer: It's a white bulb with a blue light.

Question 5. Can the Mosquito Zapper working in the rain?
Answer: It can stand up the drizzle. But as we all know, all electronic appliances should be kept away from water.

Question 6. What size room will the K15 PRO ZAP work in?
Answer: To best get rid of flying insects, our effective coverage area is 1500 square feet.

Question 7. Does it auto turn off during the day or have day/night sensor?
Answer: No, It doesn't, you need to plug it in a outlet socket when use, then the bug zapper will works at once.

Question 8. How do you switch Bug Zapper outdoor electric on/off?
Answer: The bug zapper is easy to use, just insert the plug and working, please unplug unit if you do not use it.

Question 9. How loud is this Insect Zapper?
Answer: It makes the sound, the small gnats may not make a sound but will spark on the grid, but the bigger bug makes a series of zapping sounds.

Question 10. What replacement bulb? 4 pins in a row or a square?
Answer: The replacement bulb is 4 pins in a square and single U-shaped twin tube bulb-15W.

Question 11. Does this UV light produce ozone? If so, is it safe to use indoors?
Answer: No, it does not produce ozone. The bug zapper is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Question 12. How are the Insect Traps powered?
Answer: The unit is powered with a 3-prong plug to fit the proper type receptacles. It is not powered by batteries and must be plugged into a standard 120 volt outlet.

Question 13. What is the grid voltage for this Bug Zapper?
Answer: The grid voltage of this bug zapper is 4200V. Do not intend to touch internal grids, because of electric shock danger.

Question 14. How do you twist the bottom off to clean the collection tray?
Answer: You just hold it and twist counter clockwise and it will twist right off. You can then empty and clean and place it back to continue to catch bugs.

Question 15. Is there an LED bulb that can replace the UV bulb?
Answer: No, this bug zapper is built with a UV bulb, the unit will be damaged if you replacement with a LED lamp.

Question 16. Does this Mosquito Killer works with a chemical attractant?
Answer: No, It does not use any chemicals baits or harmful substances, This bug zapper use physical method to attract and kill mosquitoes, bugs and other similar flying insects.

Question 17. What is the most efficient way to use this Bug Zapper in the house?
Answer: The most efficient and effective way to run a bug zapper is to leave it on 24/7. By doing this, you help break down the insect breeding cycle. Alternatively, run your bug zapper from dusk to dawn.

Question 18. Why must the unit be placed 25 feet away from human activity?
Answer: If it's too close to people, and the bugs are attracted to it, then the people will be right there with the bugs biting and getting zapped. It needs to be in a location where the bugs are attracted to it and not to it and the people.

Question 19. Why does bulb need replaced regularly?
Answer: Ultraviolet or “black light” is invisible to eyes, Its ability to attract flying insects diminishes over time, therefore, although the bulb appears to be functioning, it should be replace every season to maintain optimal UV efficiency.

Question 20. How do I clean my Bug Zapper?
Answer: (1) After using this Outdoor Bug Zapper for period of time, the electric grid may begin to accumulate dead insects on the grid that can affect the function of the device. To ensure effective use of this device periodic cleaning of electric grid with included brush may be necessary. Rate of cleaning depends on insect population in your area.
             (2) The exterior hosing of device does not require cleaning, do not attempt to clean the housing with water or spray any other liquids.
             (3) Note: Unplug the device and remove unit from hanging position and sit for 3 hours to allow all electricity in unit to disperse.