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The right methods for use bug zapper indoor

a. Keep the house lighting off and use device before sleeping.

b. Turn off all strong lighting for 10-20 minutes.

c. Keep the device in the dark place while working,the unit will be ON once it is plug into an electrical source.

d. Keep the product placed or hanged at a height of 1.2m at a distance of 0.3m from the wall.

The right methods for use bug zapper outdoor

a. Select the proper location to hang the unit at a height of 6 to 8 feet above the ground from a tree, mounting pole, bracket or other free standing object, never mount or hang the unit from a house or other building.

b. Place the device 25 feet away from the area intended for human activity.

c. Position the bug zapper between the source of insects (woods, lowlands, etc ) and the area to be protected.